School Program Registration

Welcome to the National Building Museum's automated school program registration system. This system will enable you to schedule and receive instantaneous confirmation (online and then in an email) for program reservations. Programs fill up quickly, and we recommend reserving as far in advance as possible.

Free programs for Title I schools are no longer available for this school year.

Have questions? Email or call the Museum at 202-272-2448.

Select a Program

Please select the program you would like to reserve from the list below. If you would like to book more than one school program (for example, City by Design and Geodesic Dome), that option will be available to you later in the booking process. When selecting programs, please keep in mind the appropriate grade levels for each program.

Architecture 101
Grades 2-9
Students experience a day in the life of an architect as they create and learn about architectural drawings and models.
City by Design
Grades K-9
Students become city planners as they build their own city and begin to understand the challenges of creating a modern livable city.
Fuller's Fantastic Geodesic Dome
Grades 5-9
Students investigate how engineering and math principles are combined in geodesic domes while working together to construct a 6.5' x 13' geodesic dome. Minimum of 15 students required per program.
My House, My Home
Grades PreK4-1
Students learn about the process of building a house through an exploration of the Museum's House & Home exhibition and by creating their own model home.
Designing for Disaster
Grades 5-9
Students become engineers as they design model buildings for an earthquake zone and then test them on shake tables.

Select a Date Range

Avoid Cancellations: Most cancellations occur because teachers schedule programs on school testing days or because transportation to the Museum is not available. Please check your school's calendar and contact your transportation department before booking a trip to ensure your availability to attend a Museum program.

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